Dr. Rob Jukes: Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Rob Jukes, cosmetic dentist, Medispa SalisburyCosmetic Dentist, Dr. Rob Jukes performs a wide range of cosmetic dentistry procedures to enhance your smile and boost your confidence. Having studied in Seattle with Dr John Kois, training on the Aesthetic advantage with Dr Larry Rosenthal, cosmetic dentist to the stars, and subsequently completing and becoming an instructor on the Californian Centre for Advanced Dental Studies (CCADS) he uses the most up to date and effective techniques from around the world.

BACD, Cosmetic Dentists, British Academy of Cosmetic DentistsDr. Juke’s genuine concern for his patients and commitment to achieve the best results possible led him to study the intricate mechanisms of the teeth including occlusion—the way the teeth meet when one closes the mouth or bites down. Knowing that these details would affect the durability and appearance of his cosmetic dentistry procedures, Rob devoted himself to an intensive course of study to perfect his methods.

Rob is meticulous in his treatment planning. During your Personalised Complimentary Consultation he and his team will discuss you hearts desire with you to ensure he can picture precisely the smile you have always wanted. His desire is to ensure he knows what each and every client wants to achieve to ensure you get the result you really want. For Dr Jukes each client is an individual with individual desires and concerns. His philosophy is that just as each person is unique, the treatment needed to achieve the results they want are unique. There are no ‘off the shelf’ solutions simply a combination of appropriate treatments melded together to achieve your hearts desire and create a new, confident you.


See How Dr. Jukes Can Transform Your Smile!


Smile Makeover

It’s true what they say—first impressions are everything. The impression you make in that first three seconds when you walk into a business meeting or interview can make the difference between getting the position or business, or not. One of the very first things people notice about you is your smile. A healthy and vibrant smile exudes confidence and charisma.

If you’re insecure about your smile others will notice too. Are you confident to smile and create that WOW impression within the first three seconds? Here are just a few of the many amazing benefits of a smile makeover.

Braces / Teeth Straightening

Have you always wanted straight teeth but are too self conscious to wear metal braces in a business setting? Do you wish you could miraculously straighten your teeth without having to flash a metallic smile for months or even years?

The magic wand you’ve been looking for is here, Short Term Adult Orthodontics.

The advances in orthodontics over the last several years can allow you to straighten your smile comfortably, conveniently, and with none of the embarrassment or self-consciousness associated with traditional wire braces. Who wants to go into a business meeting with wire braces visible? What kind of impression is that going to make on a potential client or employer? Depending on exactly what you want to achieve there are several brace options available. To read more about Braces / Teeth Straightening, just click on the link.

Replacing Teeth

Have you lost a tooth due to gum disease, injury, tooth decay, or aging? Are you too embarrassed to even open your mouth to talk, much less smile? Do you worry that this makes you less confident in a business or interview setting? We understand. Tooth loss can be traumatic and damaging—not only to the mouth, but to your self-esteem as well. Occasionally there is trouble eating and loss of appearance.

Missing teeth can also allow the cheeks and lips to sink inwards and completely alter the shape of your face. If you have lost teeth we have several highly effective solutions and can erase the tooth loss completely—like it never even happened! To read more about Replacing Teeth, click on the link.

Fresh Breath

Are you afraid to get close to another person during a business meeting because you’re ashamed of your bad breath? You’re not alone. Millions of people suffer from bad breath, or halitosis, and endure the same humiliation. If you brush your teeth regularly, use mouth wash, breath mints, and avoid strong foods, but can’t seem to get rid of your bad breath, stop worrying. Halitosis can be treated and cured!

Finally, there’s an answer to the problem you’ve been trying desperately to solve while simultaneously hiding it from your business colleagues, friends and family. The answer is the Fresh Breath Clinic. To read more about Fresh Breath, just click on the link.

You could settle for less than the best when it comes to your smile but why would you? Don’t take the chance of risking your beautiful smile or ending up with less than perfect results. You deserve to attend job interviews and business meetings relaxed and oozing confidence. Call our clinic to schedule an appointment with a cosmetic dental surgeon you can trust to deliver customised results you’re guaranteed to love. You won’t find a cosmetic dentist with more experience, passion, and skill than Dr. Rob Jukes.


Contact our clinic today on 01722 413311 to schedule YOUR Complimentary Consultation with Dr. Rob Jukes and find out how he can transform your smile and confidence into a masterful work of art!